Climbing Icefall

Valsesia vertically

During the winter, one of the sport of the Sesia Valley is climbing on frozen waterfalls, due to the topography of the area. Recessed and shaded, the valley offers a variety of frozen waterfalls, some of which are particularly good for experienced ice climbers, but fear not for the inexperienced that they can rely on the local mountain guides. Walking upright on the ice is a unique experience, not comparable to other sports, the desire to embrace the mountain, it combines a constant voltage adrenaline. Western Alps waterfalls are recorded and monitored. Just to name some of the central Pisse waterfall; Waterfall Wold or Alpe Campo; Waterfall Dsender – Russian roulette; Luna Rossa; Saccu Bodu; Saccu Rittu; A tear on his face.