Cross country skiing

From the mountains to the valley

All paths, some of which are approved for national competitions, are immersed in a landscape of purity with many variations on the theme, given the morphological peculiarities of the Sesia Valley, ranging from glimpses of nature that sweeps frozen waterfalls, forest. And, while you ski down the expanses of white, touched the crisp, many athletes also enjoy in the art of photography. The ski trails run for miles, but newbies can test the tracks shorter and less demanding, suitable for those who want to learn. The Sesia valleys are aspired destinations, both for the organization of sports structure and maintenance of runways, both for landscapes whose beauty you can enjoy practicing outdoor sports. The so-called white sports or winter ones, refer to the Monterosa Sky that marries together the different peaks of Monte Rosa. Also noteworthy is the site of Scopello skiing – alpine slopes and Mera Carcoforo.