Off-piste skiing

Nature and freedom

Although off-piste skiing is challenging, it is also exciting and arousing strong feelings of freedom. The area of Alagna, to name one, is among the areas chosen by skiers, both Italian and foreign, to take advantage of not beaten slopes with different uneven. Here, visibility permitting, you can enjoy the view of the lakes of the Po plain and on the chain of the Alps The morphological characteristics of the Sesia Valley alternates valleys with narrow canals, rich “pitfalls”, true sports hall and play. The off-piste skiing is a way to hone their technical skills and to experience the mountains without limits.
If, however, you are not practical in this discipline and dream to put you to the test, with full respect for the environment and the awareness to avoid unnecessary risks, you may contact the local instructors that offer lessons on land not prepared to have fun safely. The Sesia Valley is considered the paradise of the ride, which is why you can not miss the opportunity to test themselves on the various tracks.