On top of the Valsesia

It is one of the disciplines that allows it to move in the mountains during snow and practice, both in the downhill, and uphill. It ‘also a way to get closer to the alpine trails in Sesia Valley and there are many paths, each with a different degree of difficulty, suitable for beginners and experts, covering the entire mountain territory, embracing the lateral valleys Sermenza, Carcoforo, and Vogna many other. Often, while he devoted himself to touring, especially in the colder winter months, the only fellow adventurers are wild animals that live in the area and is a must watch them in their habitat. Monte Rosa and Scopello Alpe di Mera offer long-distance skiing, crossing the small resorts such as Alpe village at 1500 meters of altitude, in a splendid panoramic position. It is easily reached by chairlift. Any sport you want to try white, the Sesia Valley is the undisputed queen of open-air activities, both for the variety of its offer, both for the natural conformation geophysics. Even fasting sports, here you can enjoy your holiday customized for himself and his family.