The king of winter sports

Any technique entice you, the skiing is, without doubt, the most popular sport and famous in Sesia Valley. The area is so diverse that suits all tastes, from “classic” to the most extravagant. Skiing, from ancient means of locomotion, to discipline elegant, you can practice along routes that follow the desire of adrenaline and the landscape, as are many nature trails and photographs. The ski areas are well equipped and accustomed to the presence, numerous, tourist from each country. The valley, in fact, attracts Italian and not, grace to its privileged geographical position and is a kaleidoscope of nationalities and sports. Cableway, chairlifts, easy parking, equipment rental, ski trails, in short, there is no excuse for giving up. The area of Scopello and Alagna, with its Monterosa Ski, one of the largest in Europe, likes to call itself as the gateway to paradise made up of 180 kilometers of groomed trails, from the easiest to the most extreme. It is equally easy to imagine how the Sesia Valley in winter identifies with skiing.