In the tip of....rackets

A beautiful snowshoeing can not miss in Sesia Valley where the snow every year, creates paths perfect for leisurely winter walks. Snowshoes, light and handy, they are a handy tool for walking on snow without sinking. The first steps can be a bit ‘difficult, but little by little you become more familiar with snowshoes and you do not stop. The beauty of a walk in the open air, cold and clean, away from the city noises to enjoy moments of magic in the middle of nature, surrounded by mountain peaks. Moments that can be shared with friends and family. It ‘a sport suitable for children, a discreet way to enjoy the valley. Evocative snowshoeing at night with only the light of the moon and torches, promoted by sports centers in the area. The beaten tracks, spanning from Alagna Val d’Otro or proceed to Alpe Campo, Alpe Sattal, Riva Valdobbia the Valley of Larecchio Vogna up to the pasture and from the Red Lace Tracciora.